This company performed excellent, speedy, and professional, craftsman-like work on my multi-level redwood deck that needed repairs and refinishing. They also painted the exterior of my 3-story Edwardian home, repairing leaky windows and other problems as they went. The cost was most reasonable for all the work; the workers were easy to communicate with, and everything was done quickly and as-promised. I will hire them again when the need arises.
— Kathryn L.
We had two decks built in 2009. One was built into our hill with a flight of stairs and wraps around a hot tub. Decks by Woodmasters gave us a competitive price and completed the job in around 3 days. We have not had any problems with the deck and are very pleased with the results. Everything is still level, and if I jump up and down on the deck is feels very solid. I'm glad we went with these guys!
— Michele A.
Great work, great fence, great people! We were under a deadline to get a fence up but we were very particular about the style and craftsmanship of our fence. Michael gave us a quote that was very competitive and promised that we would be happy with the results, he was right! His crew worked tirelessly for two days with Mike's supervision and finished the job by our deadline. I would recommend Michael and his crew for any job you have in mind.
— Mike K.
I had a really good experience working with Michael (and his crew, led by Adolfo) on some major repairs and improvements to my deck. I obtained estimates from a few contractors before choosing Michael. Michael's estimate was the most responsive to my needs, which included ensuring durability and safety on my deck while controlling cost. Michael was able to save most of the decking and framing on my deck, which substantially reduced the cost.

I wanted to get started quickly, because my old deck felt unsafe and I was hoping to have visitors soon. Michael was able to slot me in before another job, but this also meant that he had to work from some "default" assumptions about what I wanted to get started and finish on time. Because of this there were a few extra charges, totalling about 5% of the job cost. These were for adding a hand railing, extending the size of a concrete landing, and affixing some planters to the deck.

As another reviewer said, the crew showed up on time, when they said they would, and finished the job on schedule. Yay!

As a client, I'm pretty communicative about any challenges I see. Because of this, I was able to work with Michael to ensure that the site was cleaned up after the job, and some odds and ends were properly taken care of. Clients with such a style will do well with Michael.

I was happy to work with Michael on the job and am now hoping to hire him again to do some deck railing work on my front stairs.
— Aaron M.